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Flaming River Industries produced the Quick-ratio steering gearbox to fit the Corvair car. The box duplicated the steering ratio used in the original (late-1965 through 1969) GM quick-steering box. We performed some of the early testing on the design, helping them with adapters to fit various models of the Corvair. The box was a functional duplicate of the early 1960-63 Corvair box. As of 2017, Flaming River has decided to discontinue production of the quick box. We are working on other solutions for the quicker steering needed for your driving enjoyment. Check back here for more information.


This shows the quick box installed in a 1965 Corvair. The 1964, 1965 and 1966 cars used a longer input shaft than either the earlier or later boxes. When the box is installed in 64-65-66 cars, the set screws and nuts for the adapter U-joint end up very close to the frame rail and the trunk panel. Swapping out the set screws for slightly shorter ones usually works. If not, it is hammer time!

The small spline to the left is the input shaft. The 1960-63 coupler will slip right onto this spline. The input spline is a 5/8" x 36. The the 1967-69 Corvair input spline is similar, but has a flat ground on one side of the splines to maintain steering wheel alignment after removal. To install the box into a 1967, the flat must be ground on the input splines. You should center the old box, center the new box, then grind the spline in the same relative location. You can alway re-align the actual steering wheel for correct clocking. You will have to move your pitman arm over from the old box. Use a puller, or have a machine shop pull it off. It may be tough to remove - after 50 years. The splines on the output side have four "dead" splines that limit the number of ways the pitman arm can be installed. Again center the old box, center the new box and install the pitman arm in the same direction.

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